Saturday, May 14, 2016 – Gonna miss the UFC and Bellator tonight. Why? Because I’ll once again be attending the Taurus Stunt Awards at Paramount Studios. Even though I am fine doing my own fight scenes for TV and movies when necessary, I’m hesitant to call myself a stuntman…out of respect – because in my humble opinion the skill set involved to make that claim is far more diverse, and physically demanding, than what I possess as merely being an ‘actor’. No, I am not an expert (or even a qualified novice for that matter) at jumping off buildings, high speed auto and motorcycle driving, crashing through walls or furniture, fire burns, or any or the other complex and occasionally risky techniques that the stunt community employ on a regular basis to make movies come to life when the action begins. So yes, I have the highest regard for the multitude of friends I have in the stunt world, many who I will see tonight. Plus, it’s always a good excuse to wear a suit and to comb my hair… 😉

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