“Hey, did you hear about the next big fight? Both competitors are great (or at least that’s what the promoter needs us to believe). So, after watching all the pre-fight analysis (A.K.A. subliminal media control, selective inclusion AND exclusion of fact(s) and/or ‘history’, spin control, brain washing, ignoring of the purpose of rankings, etc.)…I really don’t know whose going to win. But these two REALLY don’t like each other…” And WE fall for it every time, don’t we?


The names may change but the theme remains the same: personal rivalries sell to the non-hardcore fans/masses more than athletic achievement based on competitive dominance. Being that I live a life with one foot in the entertainment industry and one in the fight game, I understand this simple (on the surface) paradox maybe better than most. And trust me, I have felt the pressure from both sides.


So where is the line that separates ‘sport’ from ‘entertainment’? Or does it even matter any more, where the shameless priority is only about the bottom line of Twitter followers and most money spent by consumers on the televised product? I know, I know, “It’s got to be the truth, I saw in on TV (or read it on the internet)!” Yep…and thank “God” that no one has ever seen the movie “Network”, or understood it’s vision of how none of this, like sports as a fickle religion, could ever make our lives so much better…until those we pedestalize (whatever, it’s a word now folks) lose, or…test positive for steroids (…or EPO), or smack their spouses, etc., then “we” can joyfully watch as they self destruct.


…I will be updating this clearing of my throat/mic check throughout the day…and even tomorrow. 😉

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